Ancient Greece

Martin Joseph Kerney writes a great outline of history in A Compendium of Ancient and Modern

Does the lesson system make things more difficult?

A thought for this evening – does the lesson and course structure part make it more

Interlinear texts

Where do I start? I grew up reading hymnbooks and music books for fun. We always

CLI Benediction

Benediction from Chapter 1 of Fr Caswall’s Catholic Latin Instructor. O salutaris Hostia Litany of the

Nannas Lessons

A depository for lessons that Nanna creates.

Australian History

To take some words of Fr. Martin Joseph Kerney: Before studying the history of other countries,

Getting the hang of it

To create a new course, you get into the dashboard and look down the left hand

The Ten Plagues of Egypt

Would anyone like to test drive my new quiz?

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