More ideas – and a new quiz

I came across LifterLMS and it look much slicker than Namaste! though it doesn’t really do

Term 2 2016 – The Reformation

It’s a funny thing to study – so much misinformation! We have Karl Adam’s Roots of

Term 1 2016 – Middle Ages (mainly Europe)

Following Charlotte Yonge’s book on Roman History has been great this term. She strikes a good

More wars: Samnites and Pyrrhus

All the short histories of Rome skip to the Punic Wars, so I wanted to read

Rome – Coriolanus, Cincinnatus and the Decemvirs

Continuing with Charlotte Yonge’s book, chapters 9 and 10 describe Coriolanus, Cincinnatus and the Decemvirs. This

Ancient Rome – government

We read chapters 7 and 8 of Charlotte Yonge’s book Young Folk’s History of Rome. This

Ancient Rome

Continuing from Greece, now we’re moving along to looking at Ancient Rome. So far we’ve read

H5P – hmmm

I like Watu Pro a lot, but I also like github hosted static websites. There’s Hotpotatoes

Divine praises

We usually pray the Divine Praises as well. While they aren’t in Fr Caswall’s book I’ll

Benediction Conclusion

We have looked at: O salutaris Hostia the lesson Litaniae Beatae Mariae Virginis part 1 part