We’re planning for an Online Choir.

Still figuring out how to set it up.

Sketchy plans – take one bit of everyday chant plus one fun easy piece each week – I’ll add links as we go to further resources:

  • February 21: Kyrie 1 + Regina Caeli (simple chant)
  • February 28: Gloria 1 + Ave Maria (round)
  • March 6: Victimae Paschali Laudes + Jubilate Deo (round)
  • March 13: Credo 1 + Alleluia (round)
  • March 20: Sanctus 1 + Jesu Rex Admirabilis
  • March 27: Agnus Dei 1 + Dona nobis pacem
  • April 3: All The Little Responses (Deo gratias, et cum spiritu tuo, habemus ad Dominum)

Maybe throw in an English hymn each time too.

Also, scheduling music for Easter Tuesday – Easter Saturday for Mass, Benediction and Rosary each day.

Old choir resources page is here: https://kids-chant.gitbook.io/choir

I also found a photo of the whiteboard from 2019:

Choir whiteboard from 2019