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Online Choir Practice #1: Kyrie 1

This Friday 21st February is down as the first Choir Practice Online! We’re preparing for Easter,

Vocabulary Pages for Latin by the Natural Method

One of the recommendations in Fr William Most's Teachers' Guide is to have students construct their

Tuesday – rainy day lessons

Rain is a bit of a novelty sometimes in Australia. Today we managed to mostly get

Monday Morning

Getting back into the swing of things. This morning we tackled Lectio Nova from Latin by

What Lectio Prima might look like.

Lately our family has been going through Fr William Most’s textbook, Latin by the Natural Method.

Australian States and Territories

Copied over from – attempting to let go of some old domain names. This shouldn’t

More ideas – and a new quiz

I came across LifterLMS and it look much slicker than Namaste! though it doesn’t really do

Term 2 2016 – The Reformation

It’s a funny thing to study – so much misinformation! We have Karl Adam’s Roots of

Term 1 2016 – Middle Ages (mainly Europe)

Following Charlotte Yonge’s book on Roman History has been great this term. She strikes a good

More wars: Samnites and Pyrrhus

All the short histories of Rome skip to the Punic Wars, so I wanted to read